the first and the best

Over the years, FG Electrical has developed foreign brands in the national market, earning different awards and recognitions from suppliers.

We work with companies with which we feel identified in values ​​such as quality, trust and, above all, service and product knowledge. Below we share some recognitions that suppliers have given us:

No. 1 distributor in the world

Chardon is the third largest and second most complete line of Cable Accessories in the world.
It was created in Chardon, Ohio in the United States by General Electric , over the years it matured to become the manufacturer of Cable Accessories with the complete range in ANSI (American) and IEC (European) standards. Currently based in Taiwan, Chardon has ISO9001, KEMA (Korea), SIGLA 03 (CFE-Mexico), RETIE (Colombia) certifications, among many others.
FG Electrical is the world's largest distributor for Chardon.


Elastimold was the first brand of cable accessories in Mexico, it already has extensive experience in the market and is the most specified brand in the national market.
In its product portfolio, it also has other products for underground solutions such as:
1. Premolded splices for medium voltage
2. Medium Voltage Disconnectors with solid dielectric.
FG Electrical is the largest Elastimold distributor in Latin America for ELASTIMOLD Cable Accessories


FG Electrical is the owner of the VALMACT brand. VALMACT currently manufactures and imports to Mexico a portfolio focused on overhead electrical distribution and ground systems.
In its product portfolio, there are the following:
1. Hardware for Air Distribution.
2. Porcelain Insulators
3. Exothermic Loads
4. Molds for exothermic installations
5. Low Voltage Connectors Type H, Type C

In four years, we have managed to be:
1. The third largest hardware manufacturer in Mexico.
2. The second largest marketer of porcelain insulation in Mexico


Ohio Brass is Hubbell Power Systems' brand for distribution arresters. It is one of the most recognized brands in the world and based in the United States.
FG Electrical is the largest distributor in Mexico for its family of overhead distribution lightning arrester products in 12kV, 21kV and 30kV.

No. 1 National Distributor for Cold Shrink Terminals

FG Electrical specializes in the Medium Voltage portfolio. 3M, in its electrical division, has different products that have innovative solutions for our market niche. For more than 4 years we have been recognized by 3M as the Number 1 distributor nationwide for the Cold Shrink Terminals portfolio.

Exclusive Distributor in Mexico

SICAME Group is a French group focused on the development of electrical products for different industries. In its vast portfolio of more than 50 companies, you can find everything from straps and ferrules to specialized products for the railway, photovoltaic, and space industries, among others.
FG Electrical is the exclusive distributor in Mexico for Grupo SICAME

Logistics Operator in Mexico

SATCO is one of the largest lighting companies in the United States. Based in New York, they sell throughout the United States and Canada. It manages more than 22 thousand items in its more than 400 thousand square meters of warehouse.

After an exhaustive audit and thanks to our experience in delivering to several electrical companies, they have selected us as their logistics operator in Mexico to store their product and deliver to their distributors in the CEDIS.