easy purchase and consolidate your shipments

Our mission is to make purchasing your electrical products easier.


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Buy everything you need in one place

Throughout our 20 years of experience, we have grown thanks to the acceptance of our distributor clients and the continuous development of new business lines. Currently, you can buy with us a broad portfolio that allows:
- Buy from a single supplier, obtaining better discounts per package and
- Track your orders from a single supplier.
- A single seller coordinates all your orders
- Pay only one supplier. Reduces rework of several bank transfers.
- Verify all your orders on a single platform.
- Get better freight conditions by consolidating all the materials you need.

A solution for any type of need

Our natural channel is RESALE or WHOLESALE. We are designed to meet training, specification and responsiveness needs for wholesale purchases of the products we market.

Starting in 2020, we will exclusively be selling the ELASTIMOLD line directly to the general public.

Our philosophy is to be flexible enough to close deals. We understand that packages and the industry demand creativity and at FG Electrical, we have developed policies that are customer friendly and allow for a win, win.