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Aerial Distribution Lightning Arresters are protection components used to safeguard overhead medium voltage electrical networks from atmospheric discharges. Hubbell Power Systems acquired Ohio Brass in 1978. Today, Ohio Brass manufactures insulators and arresters used in the transmission, substation and distribution markets. It has suspension, station and pole designs. Consult our catalog of distribution lightning arresters.


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Lightning Rod or Lightning Arrester?

Sometimes there is confusion between what a lightning rod and a lightning arrester are.

Each of the devices has a very different function.

Lightning rod : A lightning rod is an instrument whose objective is to attract lightning by ionizing the air to draw and conduct the discharge towards the ground, in such a way that it does not cause damage to buildings or people .

Lightning arrester : It is a device that helps us eliminate transient overvoltages from electrical distribution lines. These overvoltages are produced by atmospheric discharges on the lines or by sudden changes in system conditions.


SICAME Group has a wide range of riser pole lightning arresters. In its AZBD line, the arresters are made of silicone directly molded into the body of the oxide cartridges assembled in an insulating tube. Estro provides features such as high resistance, long useful life, the ability to be installed indoors and outdoors, among other advantages.

These lightning arresters comply with the IEC 60099-4 standard and of course, the CFE LAPEM SIGLA03 standard for marketing in Mexico.


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