We are experts in medium voltage

With highly trained staff

Our Trainings

Among the staff that collaborates with FG Electrical, there are staff accredited to give courses and training with curricular value and with support from the STPS (Secretary of Labor and Social Security).

Prepared and Certified

For more than 20 years, FG Electrical has been a pioneer in the training of the products it markets to different collaborators in the public and private sectors. Currently we are proud to have trained more than 2,200 people with the support of our suppliers.

FG Electrical has also participated in ANCE standardization committees.

The quality of our sales force

FG Electrical staff who join the sales department must accredit courses to ensure that they have the basic knowledge to be able to advise you on:

1. Accessories for Medium Voltage Cable
2. Connectors for Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution
3. Hardware for Electrical Distribution Networks
4. Porcelain Insulation for Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution Networks
5. Medium Voltage Transition Terminals
6. Distribution Arrester and Riser Pole
7. Straps and Buckles
8. Heat Shrinkable Material.
9. Measurement Basis.
10. Medium Voltage Disconnectors in SF6 and Solid Insulation
11. Lightning rods and systems for Earth
12. CCS Conductors for Ground Systems.
13. Quality lighting in different applications