"Satisfy customer needs through the supply of innovative electrical products in the shortest possible time, providing high-level advice and training, seeking the development of our suppliers, collaborators and shareholders."


"To be the leading company in service and marketing of medium voltage electrical equipment, through the preference of our customers and suppliers, always seeking innovative solutions that allow us to make a difference in terms of quality, response power and search for new products and markets for the benefit of our business partners."


FG Electrical Founded in 2003 in Mexico City, FG Electrical began operations as the exclusive representative in Mexico of THE HOMAC COMPANIES, a company dedicated to the manufacture of low voltage electrical connectors for distribution and substations for more than 40 years.

Logo Homac

As a result of the acquisition of HOMAC by Thomas & Betts in 2008, FG Electrical continues with operations not only with the HOMAC line, but with three more representations of the T&B group: BLACKBURN with automatic splices for low voltage distribution, ELASTIMOLD with JOSLYN cold shrink terminals for high voltage lines in distribution, thus having a better offer to its customers.

In the following years, FG Electrical consolidated its strength in the medium voltage distribution channel with the master distribution of the following companies:

  • FG MiniWedge
  • Hubbell
  • Sicame Group
  • 3M
  • Milbank
  • Chardon Group
  • Valmact

Currently, following the spirit of innovation and hunger for challenge, FG Electrical stands out for the quality of the products it sells, the concern for the care of the distribution channel, the way of offering service to all its distributors seeking their satisfaction at all costs. and a commitment to quality with all our partners and collaborators.