Notice of Privacy


This Privacy Notice (notice) is issued in compliance with the provisions of article 15 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (LFPDPPP), of the General Guidelines provided for in article 43, in its section III of this Law and article 23 of its Regulations. FG Electrical Representatives (FG Electrical) has the legal and social commitment to comply with the legal and security measures to protect your personal data with the objective that you have knowledge, control and decision over them and for the purposes that in the This Privacy Notice will be described. Therefore, we invite you to read the following information carefully.

1.) Data of the Responsible Party In article 3, section XIV, of the LFPDPPP, it establishes that the Responsible Party is: the; “Private natural or legal person who decides on the processing of personal data.” FG Electrical, as the person responsible for the processing of Personal Data, informs you that it is a Variable Capital Stock Company duly constituted in accordance with the laws of the United Mexican States with address at Av. Norte 45 No. 958 Office 201, Col. Industrial Vallejo CP 02300 in Mexico City, Mayor's Office Azcapotzalco, telephone 55 5118 6565

2.) Personal Data In accordance with article 3, section V, of the LFPDPPP are: “Personal data: Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.” FG Electrical will collect from you the personal data necessary for the adequate provision of our services. This procedure may be personal, direct or indirect through our *Regional Allies. This Personal Data may include all or some of the following:

3.) Identification data: Full name, address, email, home and work telephone numbers, cell phone number, Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), place and date of birth, age .

4.) Employment data: Occupation, name of the company, institution or agency, position, area or department, address, telephone number, work email, work references and personal references, line of business of the company, institution or agency.

5.) Financial Data: Bank account number, CLABE, tax address, credit card number, expiration date, as well as its security number that you use to acquire any of our services, when providing these data you acknowledge that you are giving us your express consent for the processing of this data.

6.) Sensitive Data, in accordance with article 3, section VI of the LFPDPPP, Sensitive Personal Data is understood to be: “Those personal data that affect the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination. or entails a serious risk to it. In particular, those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, sexual preference are considered sensitive.”
6.1) Data from the application of Official Mexican Standard 035 (NOM-035-STPS). FG Electrical will collect personal data as a consequence of the application of Official Mexican Standard 035 (NOM-035) issued by the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, which could result in sensitive personal data.

7.) Purposes of Data Processing obligation for the Personal Data obtained by FG ​​Electrical will be used to carry out commercial activities related to our Corporate Purpose, among them, the following: Marketing of electrical material and other items. With prior authorization, FG Electrical will use your personal data in the creation of Databases and Directories; as well as the integration of Training, Institutional Development and Advisory Programs and strengthening in commercial activities and those related to the corporate purpose of FG Electrical established in its articles of incorporation. In addition, being illustrative but not limiting, the development of alliances and inter-institutional relationships and links with organizations that contribute to the well-being of the State in the electrical industry. In the case of obtaining personal data related to the application of the Mexican Official Standard-035, this information will be safeguarded by the person responsible for Human Resources of the FG Electrical Administrative Directorate.

8.) Secondary purposes. Furthermore, if you do not state otherwise, FG Electrical will process your Personal Data for the following secondary purposes: Contact you for any issue related to our services or this Privacy Notice. Carry out promotions and advertising regarding FG Electrical products and services. The attention and processing of requests, the administration of collection activities, clarification, investigation and billing of charges related to our affiliated members, partners and users or third parties who request our services. Carry out consultations, investigations and reviews necessary for the provision of our services to its users and in relation to their complaints or requests. Comply with the obligations derived from any legal relationship that is generated between FG Electrical and you for the provision of our services and marketed products that we offer for compliance with applicable laws, regulations and legal provisions.

9.) Transfer of Personal Data If you do not state otherwise, FG Electrical requires the transfer of your Personal Data to the extent necessary for the provision of our services and marketed products. In this sense, FG Electrical informs you that in order to provide our services, we need to transfer said Personal Data to: Courier companies, as well as our *Regional Allies and Organizations with which FG Electrical maintains work and collaboration links and operate under the same processes and policies respecting privacy. FG Electrical is committed to ensuring that all legal protection principles regarding the transfer of your personal data are complied with.

10.) Limitation on the Use or Disclosure of Personal Data You can limit the use or disclosure of your personal data to stop receiving our services as well as promotions, offers and advertising regarding FG Electrical by calling our legal area phone number 55 5118 6565 ext.112.

11.) ARCO Rights These rights consist of the following: 1. Access.- It implies knowing at all times your personal data in the possession of FG Electrical, as well as the corresponding Privacy Notice. 2. Rectification.- If any of your data is inaccurate or incomplete, you may request its modification to our legal area 55 51186565 ext. 112, attaching the documentation that proves said correction. 3. Cancellation.- You may request, when you consider it, the cancellation of your data and, if appropriate, your personal information will enter a blocking period to subsequently proceed to its deletion. Upon entering this period, your information can no longer be processed by FG ​​Electrical. 4. Opposition.- You may at any time and for legitimate cause object to the processing of your personal data. If your request is appropriate, FG Electrical will no longer be able to use them.

12.) Procedure to exercise your ARCO Rights The owner of the Personal Data, by himself or through a legal representative, must identify or prove himself correctly, may exercise his rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition, as well as revoke his consent by calling the telephone numbers of our legal area 55 5118 6565, or sent an e-mail to describing in a clear and precise manner the personal data with respect to which one seeks to exercise any of these Rights. It is important to note that when calling to exercise your ARCO rights, you must provide an email address and telephone number so that we can notify you of the response to your request or contact you if we require additional information in relation to your request. Likewise, you must send us a copy of your official identification to prove your identity. Finally, we inform you that you will be responded to within a maximum period of 08 (eight) business days, counted from the date on which you comply with all the requirements established in the request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, if appropriate, will be effective within 08(eight) business days following the date on which the response is communicated.

13.) Changes to the Privacy Notice: Any significant or total change made to this Privacy Notice may be made by FG ​​Electrical, it will be communicated through our page, or by email to the address of the owner maintained for such purposes. the registered Association.

14.) Personal Data Department Telephone: legal area 5118 6565. e-mail: Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM

15.) Cookies FG Electrical's Internet sites and online services are based on the management of: Cookies Images inserted in Internet pages or portals as well as in emails and that, among others, can store information on the user's IP address, interaction time on websites, among others, that allow FG Electrical to automatically collect personal data. By entering and continuing to use the Website, you consent to FG Electrical collecting and processing your personal data. The use of these technologies is necessary for operational, technical and security reasons. FG Electrical will process your Personal Data solely and exclusively in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Notice that give rise to the relationship between FG Electrical in its capacity as Responsible Entity and you as Owner of the personal data. By providing your personal data, you confirm and accept that you have read this Privacy Notice and grant your consent to comply with what is stated therein.

16) Definition of *Regional Allies: Legally constituted entities with which FG Electrical maintains and shares communication in order to protect the interests of commercial transactions between both parties.