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Our PDCs launch an ascending tracer with some time in advance, thus channeling the lightning discharge and preventing this lightning from falling on another point of the structure and causing damage.

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Lightning rod without lightning strike

RodCheck has not suffered any lightning strike

Lightning rod after a lightning strike

RodCheck after suffering a lightning strike of a few KA

Lightning rod <!--nl--> with several lightning strikes

RodCheck after suffering several lightning strikes, of value greater than 40 kA at least in one of them

Lightning rod ground system
Installation of PDC lightning rods

PDC technology, of French origin, is governed by the standards NF C 17.102: 2011 and UNE 21.186:2011.

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Lightning rods with starting device

What is a lightning rod with PDC?

Lightning rods with a primer device are an excellent alternative for protection against discharges atmospheric because with a single tip, they manage to protect a large diameter. Getting to protect buildings with less cost of installation and product. Take care of your investment.

What is a lightning rod used for?

Lightning rods are air terminals designed for correct external protection of a building. Withstands direct lightning strikes. Where are lightning rods installed? They are installed above the most Elevate any structure you wish to protect. The lightning rod with PDC is responsible for capturing and bringing to ground lightning.


  • Complies with NF C 17.102:2011
  • UL certificate
  • RodCheck System
  • 304L stainless steel
  • Useful life of 50 years
  • 10-year ABB warranty
  • Adaptation coupling included


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