In retail, proper lighting is an important element to the success of your business. From the outside in, it does more than just illuminate your store; The right lighting acts as a path through your merchandise, accentuates key elements, can soften or enhance the look of your display and provide a backdrop for your business. Experts agree that there are four different types of retail lighting : ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Fortunately, Satco | Nuvo can be your source for everyone. Ambient Ambient light is the general light that fills the intermediate spaces. Satco's wide range of general lighting alternatives not only includes luminaire style, but also color temperature, features and budget. For example, you are selling technology, where a cool white light offers that clean, sterile atmosphere; Or luxury women's clothing where soft, warm highlights offer texture and enhance the look? Accent Track, gimbal downlights, spotlights and pendants can serve as accent lights that point out spaces of importance and accentuate areas of value in your store, even guiding customers deeper. Satco's offering is endless in these categories with variations including style, technology, design approach and more. Task From the checkout counter to the service counter, the dressing room and the office, focused lighting to achieve the business at hand is crucial. Under counter lighting for checkouts, colored bulbs for softer light and better looks in a dressing room, brighter fixtures in stock, there's a right light for the right task and Satco has it in stock. Decorative Lighting Just as accent lighting accentuates your products, decorative lighting accentuates your brand. Satco offers accessories that speak to your brand's personality, helping your retail environment connect with your audience. Satco's decorative line, Nuvo Lighting, offers more than 3,000 decorative fixtures in its active line, fixtures to suit almost every style and taste. Custom work is also available for commercial outlets. Of course, energy efficiency , budget, value and inventory are also deciding factors when determining the lighting for your store or retail chain, and as one of the largest LED lighting resources, Satco has you covered. We do what is light.

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