Whether in an industrial or office environment, lighting plays a crucial role in the workplace.

Proper lighting makes almost all work tasks easier, so it stands to reason that with better vision and greater comfort (through reduced glare and reduced eye strain), proper lighting improves overall performance.

Satco offers solutions such as flicker-free linear light bulbs, LED light replacements in comfortable color temperatures, flat panels and dimmable troffers, recessed lights, recessed mounts and many other office solutions for comfort and superior lighting in the office space.

For common spaces, waiting rooms and conference rooms, add some smart accents with NUVO sconces and pendants to bring a touch of brightness to the "front of the house" of your commercial environment.

In the industrial space, energy efficiency and enough light to fill large spaces are an essential part of safety and productivity. By improving contrast and minimizing reflection and glare, proper lighting reduces accidents and injuries and helps workers stay focused.

So you need a sign...
Satco manufactures a number of lighting solutions that accentuate the exterior of your business. Use our shoebox lamps to flood the front of a building and give it that "floating" illusion or light bathing the walls to illuminate your business at night, capturing the attention of passersby.

For something a little more traditional, Satco offers T8 LED signal lamps. These lamps have a 330° beam angle for illumination on both sides, 50,000K long-lasting LEDs, and are temperature resistant so they won't flicker in the cold.

At Satco, our business is lighting up your business.

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