Hospital Lighting

The environment is a great influencing factor in today's healthcare market.
As the industry has opened up to provide a free market, what matters is not just the overall well-being of the patient, but the comfort of the entire community working in and visiting the facility. The comfort of everyone entering the space, working in the space, and of course living and healing in the space, is a key factor in maintaining facility budgets, grants, and competitive advantage.
Healthcare encompasses an entire business landscape, from senior care and senior living communities to hospitals, doctors' offices, dental, mental and physiological care, and is undoubtedly a growing market. Demands vary within these landscapes, as does the setting, atmosphere and level of environment required.
Lighting plays an important role in the design, comfort and health and indoor environment of these communities, and as these communities continue to grow and expand, their demands will undoubtedly change.
As a total lighting solution, Satco | Nuvo offers the lighting fixtures and lamps you need to achieve the level of comfort, output and atmosphere you need when you need it with technologies, energy efficiency and products built to save money from start to finish for savings across your total cost of ownership.
From dimmable LEDs in all shapes and sizes to a wide range of color temperatures for warm, relaxing lighting in the home where patients visit, live and heal, to vibrant task lighting where doctors and administration work . Flat panels, troffers, downlighting and emergency backup fixtures, plus moisture and humidity rated fixtures, offer the reliable general lighting the healthcare community without thinking counts on, and brackets and More decorative recessed sconces soften atmospheres as we age, heal or visit loved ones in these facilities, there is a touch of home.
Satco | Nuvo offers general and decorative lighting in neutral styles with durable construction for easy cleaning and maintenance. Search our guides to NUVO LED luminaires and Satco LED luminaires for complete product listings.

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