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FG Electrical supports you in this way, paying your projects within 60 days, we will pay the interest and you can pay directly with our financier at the end of these grace days.

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How does it work?


You must deliver the documents stipulated for your regime:

- Valid and legible official identification
- Proof of address
- RFC and/or tax situation certificate
- Authorization to consult a credit bureau (such as PFAE and PF).

Step 2

Document Review

Once these documents have been reviewed, you will be notified of their approval and a contract will be sent so that you can use our financing.


FG Electrical will review the amounts for your project and will generate the payment to the financial company to grant you your 60 days of credit.


At the end of your days you will pay directly to the financial company.

This document details the steps to follow to obtain your financing. For more information, look for your sales agent, go to our page to register your documents.


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