Accessories and components

Elastimold is a leader in the production of pre-molded cable accessories and components worldwide. Using specially formulated 100% peroxide cured materials in insulation and shielding.

elastimold premolded connector

Elastimold Advantages

Elastimold represents the state of the art in pre-molding process technology. Durability, quality and non-degrading construction, high reliability, maintenance-free performance, is assured when specifying ELASTIMOLD products.

Lightness, very simple installation, integral insulation, completely sealed surfaces, its coatings are of the highest quality
Compact size and do not require specialized tools to install

Elastimold underground cable accessories

Wide range of products
Elastimold accessories, available from 5kV to 138kV, connect, ground, splice, terminate and protect underground cables.

Elastimold Innovation
Elastimold's long and innovative history includes pioneering products such as extended and repair elbows, jacket sealing elbows, and shrink fit gaskets.

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